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Engineered in JapanEngineered in Japan

VSUN's center of technology and innovation is in Japan, and our R&D lab is set up in Tokyo, with more than 15 years of solar energy business experience in R&D, manufacturing, engineering and procurement. It showcases technical advantages as the core equipment of photovoltaic power plants. Innovation is the value proposition and ideology for all VSUN people, offering the best quality and services is what makes VSUN a partner of choice in highly competitive markets.

Customized ServiceCustomized Service

Based requirement of project and service scope, VSUN provides customized service and improve comprehensive customer satisfaction, including customized product, solution of modules installation, packaging guideline, logistics solution and different application.

Global Logistics NetworkGlobal Logistics Network

Try to improve customer satisfaction with delivery experience, VSUN provides customized, flexible, and innovative logistics solutions With the logistics partners and warehouses spreading worldwide, VSUN can support clients with solar modules logistics solution from ocean shipping, inland transportation to warehousing to meet your requirement on budget and on time.

Global Supply ChainGlobal Supply Chain

VSUN has always adhered to the global supply chain system, selecting excellent and reliable suppliers in the local and global supply chains, strengthening the cooperative relationship with suppliers and constantly optimizing the supplier management system to deliver optimal customer experience.


Do solar modules work on cloudy days?

Yes, solar modules still work on cloudy days but not as well as they do on sunny days. VSUN modules are more efficient to generate more power due to its cell technology with good performance on low light condition.

What is the difference between black and silver module frame?

Black or silver frame does not affect the energy yield of the module. VSUN offers black or silver frames of modules according to the customer’s needs. Black-frame module is highly recommended for elegant full-screen rooftop with aesthetic appearance.

Does VSUN offer customized solar modules?

Customization is available by special request of customers, including the size, frame and color of the modules. Sales team will communicate with customers by providing value-added and professional solar solar solutions. 

What is the warranty period of the modules? How long can I enjoy the efficient power generation?

VSUN modules guarantee a product quality warranty of 12 years.  Monofacial modules enjoy a 25-year warranty, while bifacial enjoys a 30-years warranty for efficient power generation.

How much energy yield can be improved by using bifacial modules?

The energy yield of double-sided power generation can be increased by up to 25%, in compared with conventional modules on special ground reflection and tracker system. It can significantly reduce the LOCE cost and increase the IRR.

What should be considered when choosing single-glass modules and double-glass modules?

When high pressure required, double-glass modules are highly recommended. However, if high-level hail test is required, single-glass modules are more suitable comparing with double-glass modules. Please contact with VSUN technical team if you have question. 

What are the differences between VSUN Vesta modules and what scenarios are best for?

There are 4 product series of VSUN modules: Vesta, Vesta N, Vesta Ultra Black and Vesta Duo. Vesta includes all-kinds of mono-facial modules, while Vesta Duo presents the bifacial modules. Vests N modules are supported with TOPCon technology which is made for scenarios of all purposes. Vesta Ultra Black is the full-black modules with black sheet and black frame.  

How does VSUN ensure module quality?

VSUN's highly automated production lines feature end-to-end inspection and analysis processes to ensure that each module meets the highest quality standards. We select module materials according to the highest standards, with the requirement that new materials be subject to extended qualification and reliability tests before being incorporated into our products. Third-party labs like PVEL have ranked our modules among the highest quality products on the market.

How do I check the production date of VSUN module?

Scan the barcode on the module to check the date of manufacture of the module (YY/MM/DD beginning from the 4th digit to 9th digit). 

Are there any suggestions for the installation environment of modules?

VSUN recommends that the module should be installed at a working ambient temperature of -20 ℃ ~+50 ℃ . The module's limit working ambient temperature range is from -40℃ to 85℃;

The module should be installed in an area free of shadows throughout the year. Do not install the module in a place that may be submerged by water;

When installing solar modules on a roof, a safe working area also must be left between the edge of the roof and the external edge of the solar array;

When used in areas with high wind and snow pressure, the supporting and fixing structure should be designed in strict accordance with local codes to ensure that the external load does not exceed the mechanical strength limit that the modules can withstand;

How to confirm the load performance corresponding to the installation method?

There are detailed installation instructions in VSUN's Installation manual which contains graphic descriptions for bolt or clamp installation, installation spacing, installation parts, etc. With the user manual you can compare the load requirements that works best for your installation method.

The PV modules must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions specified in VSUN's installation manual. Before installing, please read this section carefully to familiarize yourself with the complete installation processes.  If you wish to use a different installation method, please consult VSUN customer service or technical support team. If in such cases that an alternative mounting method is used but not approved by VSUN, the module may get damaged and the warranty would be invalid.

Is the warranty transferable?

The limited Warranty is transferrable when the products remain installed at the original installation location.

What kinds of information are needed for warranty service?

A. Serial number
B. Problem description
C. Photos, test data or report for defective module (we recommend providing detailed information to speed up the after-sales processing process)
D. Proof of purchase of the module
E. Module type and power 
F. Contact details

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