2023-10-13 09:52:16
The completion and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Sin Chai Hope Primary School in Vietnam was successfully held.

The completion and ribbon-cutting ceremony of sin chai hope elementary school in a poverty-stricken mountainous area in vietnam was successfully held at the end of september. vsun, in collaboration with mb bank of vietnam, participated in the charitable project. vincent fan, the cfo of the vsun group, was invited to attend the event and celebrate the opening of the new school with the teachers and students.

 In gratitude, Sin Chai Hope Elementary School presented a thank-you plaque through a representative teacher, and the children rehearsed songs and dances for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, making the atmosphere at the event particularly lively. When the VSUN team handed over the pre-prepared school supplies and backpacks to the students, the smiles on the children's faces added warmth to the scene. 





 VSUN has consistently been committed to giving back to society, showing gratitude to the community, and actively participating in local social welfare and charity initiatives. They use the power of light to illuminate the path forward and work in collaboration with local organizations to promote economic development, education, and renewable energy.



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