Service Network

Thanks to our widespread network of global offices, we are able to provide assistance and expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VSUN relies on a massive global marketing and service network, our technicians ensure a punctual and efficient after-sales service, that starts from installation and testing of the products and continues over time with the scheduled maintenance activities planned on photovoltaic characteristics and customers specific needs.


VSUN Intersolar Europe!


The recent Intersolar expo attracted attention as the largest exhibition in the European photovoltaic industry The European market is the origin of the world's photovoltaic industry, with the return of normal tariffs to Europe, the European Commission announced the end of the EU's anti-dumping and countervailing measures against Chinese solar photovoltaic cells and modules. As a result, customers in the European market have stricter requirements on the quality of photovoltaic products and more expectations from photovoltaic suppliers. As a rare Japanese company in the photovoltaic industry, VSUN relies on Japanese quality and has always used it to provide more flexible business cooperation models for European customers with different needs. It is predicted that the installed capacity will reach 20.4GW in 2019 and VSUN will continue to work hard to provide good quality and flexible service, giving customers peace of mind. On the day of the exhibition, we received a lot of on-site orders and signed strategic partners with a big number of customers. As the main target of VSUN sales and marketing strategy, the European market witnessed the growth and progress and gave VSUN more confidence.