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VSUN SOLAR launches VSUN545-144BMH-DG module

Release date:2021-03-03


VSUN SOLAR launches VSUN545-144BMH-DG with high power, high reliability and high feasibility. The product will play as a strong competitor among high-efficiency solar products. It comprehensively optimizes key indicators during the life cycle of plant operation, and helps investors to reduce BOS cost and minimize LCOE for utility scale plants. 

VSUN545-144BMH-DG adopts 182mm bifacial cells, MBB technology and circular ribbon to effectively decrease the current transmission distance among bus-bars and fingers, reduce current Loss and bring higher power performance up to 545W. Micro gap technology reduces the cell gap to 0.5mm and increase the module efficiency up to 21.32%. In addition to excellent power performance, the product is also applied with damage-free laser cutting which highly reduces damage and break of the cell with better reliability.

As a bifacial module, VSUN545-144BMH-DG can make efficient use of back side reflection. It maximizes the power generation performance in the snow, sand and other high reflection environment, makes extra power generation yield up to 30%, and has better power generation capacity and lower irradiance performance.

With higher power and higher efficiency, VSUN545-144BMH-DG largely reduces the cost such as  trackers, inverters, and labor cost in utility scale plants, minimizes LCOE by more than 2% and bring higher power generation gain to the project. It is designed in fulfilling the requirements of systematic matching and transport security, and in adapting the hole location of various trackers. Furthermore, it improves the system compatibility to meet different installation conditions and environment in addition to the maximum profit of the investors.  

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