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VSUN’s solar farm to generate more renewable energy in Vietnam

Release date:2020-11-19

"During the initial field investigation process, we found that the sunshine was abundant. The vast land has no shelter covered. Most sunshine could reach to the ground directly. Then we decided to develop a PV power plants. " The project developer said, "Shade-loving crops should be planted as solar modules will block the sun. Now we are also considering to further develop agriculture solar projects with VSUN, local government and farmers. "

The agriculture solar project benefits both agricultural economy and energy efficiency. This project covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, located at the farmland of Gia lai, Vietnam. It is applied with VSUN high-efficiency series products, installed with more than 2400 solar panels. It is estimated that about 1000,000 kwh of electricity will be generated each year, equivalent to the power consumption of about 280 households, and will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by more than 800 tons.

The project is designed and constructed for ‘agriculture + PV power’. It generates power from solar panels above and plants shade-loving crops below, so as to integrate PV power plants station and the environment surrounded. It optimizes the crop categories and conditions with the original landscapes not changed, in aim to protect the environment as well as to increase the income of farmers. It builds a ‘green bank’ for local residents, and improves the resource efficiency and the economic valuation of land.

VSUN focuses on green, ecological and sustainable development. The agriculture solar project is the innovative business mode in renewable energy industry. Compared to traditional agriculture or PV power station construction in large scale, it reduces environment pollution and supports the transformation of traditional agriculture.

"Looking forward to the future, VSUN would like to provide green and clean energy to more and more countries and users globally. PV manufacturing will be the core business. To create value for our customers, VSUN will implement the global manufacturing strategy with innovation, reliability and cost-effectiveness. " said Lewis Cai, CEO of VSUN.


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