Service Network

Thanks to our widespread network of global offices, we are able to provide assistance and expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VSUN relies on a massive global marketing and service network, our technicians ensure a punctual and efficient after-sales service, that starts from installation and testing of the products and continues over time with the scheduled maintenance activities planned on photovoltaic characteristics and customers specific needs.

About VSUN

Fuji Solar Introduction


VSUN’s holding company from Japan, Fuji Solar, is an investor in the solar energy industry and solar projects development. 

Fuji Solar has hands-on experience in a truly comprehensive scope of solar services that span on the enire solar development process. Fuji Solar is a pioneer with several industry firsts and with broad experience in solar PV design and installation. 


They provide development and EPC services as well as operations and maintenance; a majority of their projects are full turnkey EPC solutions that leverage our broader capabilities in distributed generation. Specialized services for renewables include energy storage, micro-grid, and PV installations. Fuji Solar self-performs a majority of the management and construction of the projects and it provides direct experience and control. 

Their solar portfolio includes all types of solar installations, including ground-mount, rooftop, carport, fixed-tilt and tracking systems. Fuji Solar also supplies a wide range of clients, ranging from residential installers and national distributors to utility-scale EPC customers.