Service Network

Thanks to our widespread network of global offices, we are able to provide assistance and expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VSUN relies on a massive global marketing and service network, our technicians ensure a punctual and efficient after-sales service, that starts from installation and testing of the products and continues over time with the scheduled maintenance activities planned on photovoltaic characteristics and customers specific needs.

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial Project Introduction


PV power stations are developed with rooftop resources such as factory buildings and public buildings.

-  This type of plant size is according to effective roof area restrictions, installed in the general scale of hundreds of KW to tens of MW of power generation;
-   It can encourage local consumption directly through the low voltage distribution network of 35KW and the medium voltage power network;
-  They contain component orientation, inclination angle, and shadow block diversification.


Relying on years of PV industry technology advantages and experienced accumulation, VSUN can provide one-stop services such as consultation, installation, construction, commissioning and acceptance, and network application according to customer needs. According to local conditions and the scientific design, they are widely used in the agricultural greenhouse, factory roofs, poverty alleviation projects and so on.