Service Network

Thanks to our widespread network of global offices, we are able to provide assistance and expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VSUN relies on a massive global marketing and service network, our technicians ensure a punctual and efficient after-sales service, that starts from installation and testing of the products and continues over time with the scheduled maintenance activities planned on photovoltaic characteristics and customers specific needs.


Residential Project Introduction


Try to use the solar and protect the environment in an effective, smart, efficient, energy-saving and emission-reduction way. A set of 1KW PV systems, which can generate 1150KWh a year (Hanoi distinct), accounts for only 8 square meters of effective area. 25-year linear guarantee of the solar cell gives you more with easy and simple use. 

System Structure: The system consists of crystal silicon battery module, support system, direct current sink, inverter, grid-connected distribution box and bi-directional electric meter.
Advantages: no noise, no pollution, no influence on the home power supply environment, and there is a certain shade and heat insulation effect.
Energy features: It can be used spontaneously in the daytime, and it can be endlessly sold to the power grid. It can effectively reduce the usage of high price and peak electricity, and save electricity bills.
Service characteristics: The design of the system is modular, there is no frequent replacement of vulnerable parts and maintenance is simple.