Service Network

Thanks to our widespread network of global offices, we are able to provide assistance and expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VSUN relies on a massive global marketing and service network, our technicians ensure a punctual and efficient after-sales service, that starts from installation and testing of the products and continues over time with the scheduled maintenance activities planned on photovoltaic characteristics and customers specific needs.

About VSUN

About VSUN


Invested by Fuji Solar, VSUN is a Japanese solar module solutions provider located in Tokyo that offers Japanese quality solar technologies globally. The group's business started operating in Japan in 2006, later spreading to North America, Southeast Asia, and EMEA. With headquarters and R&D based in Tokyo (Japan), sales offices in San Jose (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Shanghai (China) and the main factory based in Bac Giang province (Vietnam), VSUN’s global presence covers our customer needs in every corner of the world. VSUN’s manufacturing base is one of the fastest-growing, the most reliable and heavily invested solar high-tech enterprises. 


Innovative & Smart – VSUN has been committed to providing greener, cleaner, and more intelligent renewable energy solutions. It is focusing on the new energy market and the development of customized and high-efficiency products.VSUN has implemented an elaborate plan on capacity expansion. The annual production was upgraded to 1.5GW in 2019 and it continues to be delivered to residential, commercial, utility and off-grid projects all around the world.

VSUN is constantly making effort to provide the highest efficiency PV products and supreme service to customers.